Volunteers are the heart behind Faith Family Church. Our volunteers are hard at work making sure our guests feel welcomed, get their questions answered, have their children well cared for, and so much more. No one at FFC could experience Christ’s freedom without our excellent, amazing, hard-working volunteers!

Interested in becoming the heart of FFC?  Here are our main volunteer areas:

First Impression.   These teams use their gifts to serve our weekend attenders.

Evolve.  These teams support Faith Family’s growing children’s ministry.

Communications. This team helps express the Faith Family vision through words and images, both inside and outside the church.

Production. These teams help create the atmosphere on Sunday mornings, both on the platform and behind the scenes.

Environments. These teams make sure that the campus of Faith Family Church is in great shape inside and out.

Special Events. These detail-oriented team members want every guest to have an unforgettable experience.